It's no suprise to any person with ever-changing schedules or parents out there that having a consistent morning routine and daily practices can be somewhat of a moving beast however, in 2024 I'm approaching life a little differently. 

It's in the small moments; when I open my eyes of a morning, a morning stroll, on the way back from daycare drop-off. But the time I love the most is in the shower... and it's all because of the power of habit stacking - The easiest way to make new habits stick.

The brain is a powerful entity, and something I am completely fascinated with. Psychologists say that habit stacking works so well because humans crave routine, so by pairing a new skill with an existing habit... like taking a shower for example... makes it easier to practice more regularly. And makes building the habit more efficient and productive in terms of time, which is something we definitely need in todays society. 

So I wanted to share with you my shower routine which has really given my approach to wellness a healthy glow up.

- Firstly, I took my woo to a whole new level and got a water filter for my shower head. But it’s no ordinary filter, it has crystals in it for a chakra cleanse - Rose quartz, jade and amethyst. The filter has helped so much with my hair and skin and I like to start my day with a little magic.

- In the shower I have a bit of a routine. I run through a sequence of lymphatic drainage exercises that can help reduce swelling, water retention, moves toxins, bacteria and viruses through your body quicker and keeps you feeling healthy.

- I do face yoga. This increases circulation, strengthen and tone your facial muscles, reduce puffiness and fine lines, and some say it can improve your mental health. I also use a gua sha tool for some of this. This is particularly great for people who have a serious thinking face like me 😠

- I use a cup to massage the skin on my legs, bottom and tummy. Helps to even skin tone and a little lymphatic drainage boost.

- And lastly, I do a meditation/ breathwork/affirmation combo. Which changes daily based on how I’m feeling and more importantly what I’m feeling.

All of this takes a few minutes and really sets the tone for the whole day. Obviously you need to be fluid and not every day is the same but on the days I get to do all of these glorious practices in my beloved alone shower time, is a really great day 🤌

I hope this can inspire your morning routine and create a new to habit stack.

Emma x