2023 was a year of self exploration, reflection, intentionally living, journey's far and wide, risk taking, pausing, and a whole lot of learning and loving. Myself and others. 

And probably the biggest lesson of all, flow and alignment. And the thing with creativity and art is that you can't rush it, no matter how hard you try. It requires inspiration, some grit, with a healthy sprinkling of fuel to ignite something worthy of your dreams and something you'd be ok with setting free to the world. 

So I am very pleased to share with the Wildfemmes community, that my new collection ADRIATIC has been set free.

Women swimming naked underwater and rising up through the bubbles. The photo is black and white.

With exhibits on the South Coast in Stanwell Park and in Bondi Beach, the full collection shown with love, excitement and honestly, a feeling of relief. An incredible way to finish the year. 

This captivating series transports viewers to the sun-drenched landscapes of Montenegro, where the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea meet the picturesque shoreline. Inspired by a European sojourn that brought together women from diverse corners of the globe, the collection is a celebration of self-discovery, sisterhood, the female form and the profound connection with the element of water.

The coast line of Montenegro where the adriatic sea meets the shore. It is a shore lined with beach umbrellas with a tiny island in the background.

The Mediterranean allure and the unique energy of the Adriatic Sea become metaphors for the ever-flowing, transformative nature of femininity. The artworks evoke a sense of unity as the women, hailing from different corners of the world, collectively immersed themselves in the soothing embrace of the sea. 

four women back to back underwater, with light refractions reflecting on their bodies and the top of the water looking so beautiful

There are still a few pieces of the collection currently available for you to peruse in the wild at Commune Bondi Beach and The Unlikely Item in Stanwell Park (NSW). They will be available till the end of January and then they will be joining the rest of the muses in the online gallery. 

I hope this collection inspires creativity, freedom and act as a reminder that you are always wild and free.

Emma x