The Wildfemmes Speaker Series is finally here, with me - Emma Maggs. After Covid, nine months of pregnancy, first year of postpartum and trying to keep my professional and personal relationships thriving, I felt like I needed to figure out how to be me again in this new chapter of my life. And this series explores just that, I go on a journey to understand how women stay wild in today's society by unpacking the highlights, the missteps, insecurities, emotional mastery and the glorious coping mechanisms that help the muses of this series live their lives authentically and in a way that makes them happy and most importantly fulfilled. Cause it's a balancing act right!?

We are starting strong but in the gentlest of ways with our first guest being global powerhouse, PR and Communications specialist Vanessa Budah. She has been blazing the trail for twenty years, has worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia and the world, and effortlessly combines wellness with business as she thrives in the ever changing media landscape. She credits her success in life to two distinct things; staying true to who she is, and her unique manifestation technique she personally developed.

Manifestation is a bit of a buzz-word that is thrown around regularly in the wellness space, however there is an actual technique that needs to be applied and as Vanessa says, “you can’t just write down you want to win a million dollars and not buy a lottery ticket”. She has drilled down on all the elements necessary to create what she calls her ‘Template for Life’. It’s a technique that she has applied to every area and believes it has helped her curate and design the life of her dreams.

She communicates in a way that is totally relatable to the you’s and me’s on all areas that do not discriminate such as imposter syndrome, insecurities and how to reframe your view on life to help with your flow and alignment, plus she also touches on the daily rituals that keep her grounded and how her personal growth has helped her be ok with the times when she’s not feeling positive and to really appreciate it when she is.

If you are someone who loves the integration of woo-woo and business, or ‘bu-woo’ as we like to call it over here at Wildfemmes, this first episode will surely inspire you to re-do your vision board, get clear on your future, and write the ultimate script for the movie which is your life. 

I have learnt so much from Vanessa and I have no doubt, you will too. 

The series is available over on Youtube, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.

Enjoy and stay wild,